Meet Rob


Robert Arnau is currently a candidate for ministry and on the ordination track as part of an all-inclusive and affirming denomination. Born and raised in the Boogie Down Bronx to Puerto Rican parents, Robert has always been called to serve the people of God. But, because he knew he was gay from an early age, he thought he could not be a person of faith and gay. After going through a long and arduous struggle, which included struggling with depression and participating in gay conversion therapy, he finally reconciled his sexuality and spirituality and feels called to help others do the same. “You can live a both/and life – not an either/or one.” He offers pastoral care to anyone going through the hard times of life and offers an open ear to anyone wanting to have a conversation – or just to listen and cry with you. He is so indebted to Sontaia for having come up with the idea of QBS and for being asked to be part of this project. He thinks that this platform is needed at a time like this when it feels like all hell is breaking loose.

Robert currently lives in The Bronx. He loves music, plays the guitar, sings, and loves to read and write poetry.

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