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Sontaia P. Briggs is an ‘only’ child whose imagination and love of creating stories served as a great distraction while growing up in Newark, NJ affectionately known to natives as “Brick City.”  ‘A brick is a cold and hard object, sometimes impenetrable’ – One thing Sontaia learned from her mother is that no circumstance or station in life is impenetrable.

Sontaia is the founder of YoUniversity, an online ministry dedicated to uplifting/affirming the gifts of youth and young adults as well as providing in-person college access/success coaching and counseling. The vision: To reveal that which God has already implanted, that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. 

Sontaia is producer of two independent feature films and a web series spinoff of the movie(s) Finding Me, Finding Me Truth and Finding Me the Series. Sontaia also works as a consultant with nonprofits and churches authoring programs and workshops and was a featured speaker at Parity’s Be the Hope retreat at Stony Point and part of theMental and Spiritual Health in the LGBTQ+ Community workshop series hosted by Blanton-Peale Institute and Counseling Center in partnership with Parity andBelieve Out Loud.

A graduate of Rutgers-Newark, School of Public Administration and Affairs and New York Theological Seminary Youth Ministry MA degree programs have provided the perfect marriage of passions and skills. Serving as advocate and mentor to youth is Sontaia’s greatest commitment and love. Sontaia serves on the board of  Parity a faith-based LGBTQ-focused organization based in NYC, that creates open and nurturing spaces.

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